diako furniture

Diako Furniture

Diako sofa is a manufacturer of royal classic furniture
that sells its products with fully imported materials
.and a 5-year warranty / 10-year service


Royal Classic Furniture

The originality of the classic furniture has been proven to everyone,
and without a doubt,
French and Italian sofa styles have always been
and will always be influential in furniture design.

مبل سلطنتی

Rosaline, French Royal furniture

it is decorated with 760 beautiful delicate rose flowers

Get acquainted with Diako sofa

Furniture in Diako is produced based on the principle of art.
A combination of Baroque and Rococo styles in a completely handmade and classic form, which makes Diaco products different.

Classic furniture

Classic handmade sofa
with French and
Italian Rococo style design

Classic chaise longue

Classic chaise longue with completely hand-embossed and wood-lined paint

buffet | Showcase

Floor and showcase buffet
with French and Italian style design

The top brand of Iranian furniture in the international exhibition

Diako is the only Iranian furniture company that has been able to win the first place of the top furniture manufacturer in 4 periods of the International Furniture Exhibition.

جایزه 29 امین دوره نمایشگاه مبلمان تهران

HOFEX 2019

For the fourth time, winning the first place and receiving a golden statue and plaque at the Tehran International Furniture Exhibition

History of furniture and stylistics

Important points before buying furniture,
familiarity with Tehran furniture markets,
,furniture stylistics
 ,ways of maintaining furniture
 the history of different types of furniture
can be seen in Diako blog

Furniture exhibition and short interview

A short chat on the third day of the Tehran International Furniture Exhibition
with a decorative couple who visited the Diako furniture booth,
we said that we share every word from admiration
to the expression of defects and objections in the Diako media.